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Justo a la medida

Justo a la medida by Sophie Aurélie Eloy

Cristiano helped me in various restaurant projects doing the drawing of the space I was designing. Most of our conversations were about measurements and distances. Measuring tapes is my main tool, as I can imagine it is also one of his, although surely in an other format. “Justo a la medida” is a reminder of the many hours working with numbers and adjusting the drawing to the perfect fit.

Materials: Metal measuring tapes

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Sophie Aurélie Eloy

Concept Decorator

Relation with Cristiano:

IOurs is a work- friendship relationship, understanding all the ups and downs of the production life. The stress and satisfaction of creating a space from the concept phase to the making of it. Many times, Cristiano was there to support me at my most stressful moments when I needed to delegate the extra work. Always giving me his input, and his artistic touch. He was a blessing every time.

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