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Heaven by Domitille Georget Atelier

I worked a lot with textiles and it’s truly one of my favorite part of the process in designing. I love sharing my knowledge and love in my creations particularly when they got a deeper meaning. In this work I wanted to share my love for reaching the stars. I always found myself trying to get closer to my goals in a personal, creative and professional ways. I love that we keep learning and unlearning everyday no matter what. And my work shows how much we can achieve and do when we get the discipline and courage to get there with the support of others, teachers, mentors, family and friends.

Materials: Mixed textile materials patchwork

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Domitille Georget Atelier

Creative Director and Designer

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Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano has been the head of my university, my teacher and mentor until today. We met around 2017 for my bachelor in fashion designer and textiles. He was my pattern teacher and teached my fellow friends and I some couture techniques. I have always been keen to learn more and got the opportunity to get much knowledge from him.

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