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Fundamentals by Oleksandra Nosovska -O.22. 

The importance of fundamentals motivated the creative process behind this piece. While I am currently a digital fashion designer, utilizing various 3D and physical tools, my journey began with learning how to draft a basic pattern block with a pencil on paper. The aim of this work is to highlight the significance of understanding the basics and to discourage the tendency to 'skip ahead,' searching for the shortest path or an easy route in the pursuit of mastering a certain craft.

Materials: Acrylic paint, fine liner, illustration markers on fabric

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Oleksandra Nosovska -O.22. 

Student at Amsterdam Fashion Academy

/Digital Fashion Designer

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Relation with Cristiano:

In 2021, I began studying at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, where I met Cristiano. Although he never taught me a class at the academy, I received one of my first lessons on pattern making from him during Dutch Design Week. I was asked to design a wearable piece for this event, but I had very little knowledge of how to execute my idea. This is when Cristiano helped me create a pattern for my first dress. I created this print of pattern blocks and seams inspired by a memory from that day. I observed how Cristiano worked with textiles and effortlessly transformed a piece of fabric into a garment. It inspired me to pursue learning this craft because I wanted to be able to do what he showed me that day.

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