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El italiano

El italiano by Rosie Martínez

The italiano is created inspired im the beautiful complexity of the personality of Cristiano and any other human being,, with highs and lows but in this case strong and consistent.

Materials: Paper & Acrylic

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Rosie 2.jpg
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Rosie Martínez

Textile Designer, Professor

Relation with Cristiano:

I meet Cristiano in 2017, at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, immediately I feel that connection with him. We collaborated working together and during this time we developed a good friendship.I have seen him grow and transform the AFA from a amateur school to a proper university, I not only care for Cristiano as friend and human being I also have a deep admiration and respect for him professionally.His honesty, his black humor, his talent, his amazing personality with a sprinkles of funny bitterness enchant anyone that met him personally and professionally. The italiano with a head tattoo and a unicorn love is a unique and beautiful mix. I feel proud to call myself his friend to to have collided with him in this life.

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