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Flesh by Maria Caniné

When Cristiano first presented his idea for this piece, the thought of it being a non-wearable dress evoked reflections on identity and the body. My journey at AFA with Cristiano, my school Headmaster, has been one of finding my creative identity and authenticity in the fashion sphere. As I’m reaching the end of my final year, I have for the first time a sense of what that means and what my “flesh” as a creative woman is made of. This piece, called Flesh, is precisely that. What I imagine my female artistic flesh to look like. The flower motif, taken from a lace textile, reflects a notion of femininity which is then paired with red and off-white colours to visually create a fleshy look while symbolising courage, sexuality and sacredness.

Materials: Linen, lace stencil, red and off-white acrylic spray-paint

Maria Caniné 3.jpeg
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Maria Caniné


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Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano is my school Headmaster who I’ve been around for a total of 4 years now. We met when I first visited Amsterdam and, coincidently, the academy was having an open-day. We had a creative meeting where I showed him my designs and got to know the academy a little bit better. A couple of months later I was fully enrolled and studying at AFA where Cristiano was always around, usually by the sewing machines. Throughout the last couple of years, we’ve gained confidence and trust in each-other and I am grateful to have been part of this project of his in my final months at the Academy.

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