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Threads of Meaning: The Art of Transformation
by Lisy Lion

In this project, I transformed a piece of clothing that I had sewn myself. I tore it apart and unraveled it to turn it into a different form of art, drawing inspiration from the transformation and life experiences of a human being. By tearing the dress and unraveling the fabric, I deconstructed its original structure and previous form (it was once the "masterpiece" of a fashion show collection). I compare this act of unraveling the fabric to moments of crisis and rupture in our life experiences. Sometimes, we need to dismantle and undo what we know in order to grow and transform as human beings. Just like unraveling the fabric of the garment, this process was somewhat challenging, opening the door to new possibilities and opportunities for creation. The threads were used individually, representing the different experiences and events in our lives. Just as each thread has its own story and potential, each experience we go through has the power to enrich us and provide us with new perspectives. By reusing and reconfiguring the unraveled threads, I aim to demonstrate the ability to transform even seemingly negative experiences into something beautiful and meaningful. The project also includes the incorporation of two pieces of goldsmithing that I created for the original dress. Goldsmithing, like the transformation of the fabric, involves working with materials and giving them a new form. By combining goldsmithing skills with the transformation of the clothing, I seek to show how our different abilities and talents intertwine to create a unique and personal artistic expression. This reflects the human capacity to combine the various facets of our life experiences to find a deeper and more meaningful sense. In summary, this project of transforming a piece of clothing I sewed, breaking it apart, and unraveling it to turn it into another form of art, along with the inclusion of the jewelry pieces, is a powerful representation of transformation and growth in our life experiences. By deconstructing the garment and reconfiguring its elements, I am symbolizing the moments of crisis and rupture we often face in life, as well as the ability to transform and reuse our past experiences to create something new and meaningful. My piece serves as an inspiring reminder of human resilience and the capacity to find beauty and meaning amidst transformation.

Materials: In this representation, a piece of clothing originally used for a fashion show was transformed. It was unstitched, its components separated, and ultimately unraveled to become a different form of art. The threads that emerged from the textile were individually hand-sewn, using golden-colored thread, to create a very distinctive artistic form. The piece also features the inclusion of two unique pieces of goldsmithin that were carefully handcrafted for the original dress

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Lisy Lion

Fashion Designer

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Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano and I crossed paths in 2008 at the School of Design and Architecture at the University of Turabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. He served as my instructor/professor for various courses during that time. Eventually, thanks to his recommendation, I became a professor at the School of Design at the University of Turabo, which brought him into the dual role of being both my supervisor and colleague. Yet, Cristiano was more than just a teacher, coworker, and supervisor; he became my mentor, the most insightful critic, and, above all, a lifelong friend. I owe much of my ability to see creativity in its full splendor, even in the most unexpected places, to Cristiano's guidance and mentorship. His eloquent phrases, like his signature "Vaya, vaya!" and his hilarious sense of humor, coupled with boundless energy, knowledge, wisdom and guidance have undoubtedly transformed the lives of many, including mine. Cristiano, your influence on my journey has been immeasurable, and I hold immense gratitude for the lasting impact you've had. You are truly appreciated and I want to express my heartfelt thanks. *:)

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