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Wings by Fernando Rojas

I met Cristiano some years ago in his role as Academic Director of all design disciplines at AGM University (formerly Universidad del Turabo within the Ana G Mendez university conglomerate). The Schoool used to be called International School of Design and Architecture. As of this writing, I am still a lecturer in the Graphic Design program.

In this role, Cristiano was an inspiring leader and we shared an interest for research-informed design. In the photo, we are both receiving a recognition from the university for having published research in the field. 

I am honored to have been considered and invited to participate amongst many people I admire and respect, to the Magister collaborative art project. And of course, I’m delighted to know that Cristiano considers my participation to be important in such a meaningful project. 

The concept of my contribution stems from a conversation with Cristiano about the meaning of a series of tattoos he proudly wears. We dialogued about the staying power symbolism of wings as a potentiality inherent to anyone and anybody. 

The final piece is an interpretation of such wing symbolism constructed in a geometry-influenced type of design, which tends to emerge in my design work. In this sense it reflects an intersection between Cristiano’s views and expressions, and my own visual style. 

The images of the process reflect the use of circles which proportionally relate to each other mathematically with the golden ratio, and intersect with each other in non incidental ways.

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Fernando Rojas

Designer / Design Professor

Materials: digital vectors

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Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano was my Design Department Director

in my role as design professor

at EIDA Escuela Internacional de Diseño y Arquitectura of Turabo University, PR.

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