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When the light enters your life
by Alejandra Bilbad

“When the light enters your life” this phrase best describes the main inspiration when your life is full of dark and gloomy days then the light enters and brings hope back.

Materials and Technique: Quilting technique while using fabrics like muslin, poplin and organza, creating the pattern using semi triangles and diamond shape having sharp edges; hand painted with acrylic and finishing with top stitches all over the pieces and silver strings.

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Alejandra Bilbad

Fashion Designer, Professor

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Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano was my professor of concepts and realization (fashion design) in the University of Turabo in PR a few years ago. I am very grateful that I had the privilege to take classes with him, he loves to think outside the box while pushing you to create the most unique and elaborate design you could make. I have treasure his teaching and have a great appreciation for all the help he did.

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