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Hilos de las montañas by Elsa Fuentes

The piece "Threads on the mountain" is defined as an optical illusion that breaks with the three colors of Puerto Rican traditional flag: white, blue and red.
This brings us to our true identity as Puerto Ricans and children of a Homeland whose colors are born from the Borinquen ground: where we get rid of what colonialism imposes on us, and create an identity based on roots, nuances, culture, flavor and human warmth.

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Materials: Materials: Six strand border thread, Cotton variety of earth colors, Cross Stitch Fabric 14 Count Embroidery Cloth, Punch Needle Kit Punch and Embroidery Plastic Circle Cross Stitch Ring Cloth Handicraft for Embroidery.

Technique: Relief embroidery 

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Elsa Fuentes

Designer and Instructor in Collective Studio / Freelance

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Relation with Cristiano:

Fashion Design student at the University of Turabo from 2012 to 2014. Cristiano was my Profesor in several of the classes I attended. Cristiano was always dynamic, he encouraged each student to get out of the box and seek our passion through creativity and fashion.

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