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Hilando soles

Hilando soles Naranjito by Sandra Horta

My inspiration for this wonderful Majestic Proyect was in something that was created only in Puerto Rico. I read and heard that Soles of Naranjito (Suns of Naranjito) was created by two Artesans sisters (Guillermina and Herminia Hernández) around the 1920. The diference in our Soles of Naranjito, the Soles of Maracaibo and Tenerife are that our Soles of Naranjito takes 2 pins at the same time - that makes the sun; after a big research and learned to make it I start my different patterns- I use the 24 pins of 2” /and designed a 40 pins of around 3” wide x 3” tall inches triangle / and designed different shapes , mesh and centers. All because I have the opportunity of this wonderful Majestic Project.

Materials: No.20 -100% cotton yarn /yellow large pins /pattern/ round small pillow/ big needle/scissors

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Sandra Horta

retired artisan

Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano was our Profesor in the Fashion and Design at Turabo University In Puerto Rico around 2007. Cristiano was this kind of profesor that like to teach the students everything he knew, He liked to help us. I love his style , humanity and personality..

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