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Where the heart is by Sabrina Impieri - Dtapstudio

People often ask me, why do you live here, Italy is beautiful, the sun, the sea, the food
But don't you miss it?
I have lived in England for more than 25 years and NO, I don't miss Italy, because it's not the place you live in that makes you feel good,
But this is how you feel IN the place you live:
“Home is where your heart ❤️ is “
That's what I want to communicate with this piece - and like me, I think Cristiano feels the same.
The piece obviously represents Cristiano,
It can be recognized by tattoos, but then there is a map and symbols that represent movements and journeys.
But also home and stability..
And the journey must never end!
the arrows represent exactly that,
Up or down
We move forward.

Materials: Original illustration- cyanotype printing - on fabric. 

The original piece was artist canvas sandwiched between two acrylic panels cut by laser and sewn together to create the complete piece with invisible thread. I screwed the acrylic panels with 6mm bolts onto the main perimeter leaving holes open along the perimeter so that Cristiano could insert the panel. But he got lost in transit.

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Sabrina Impieri - Dtapstudio

Artist - lecturer

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Relation with Cristiano:

We were students at the Koefia Academy in Rome
And what can I say!
You can see the talents right away!!!
This is because we have remained in contact all these years.
I guess it's a mutual thing hahaha!

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