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No name

No name by Stephanie Carlo

The purpose of this piece was to recreate the juxtaposition of things that exist with a limit of time. Lines that could visually represent a leaf, a finger print, and the pattern of waves. I also wanted to create something that would represent flow within the organic nature of the ephemeral.

Materials: Silk velvet, silk organza, gold lamé, poly canvas base, and cotton muslin.

Techniques: screens-printed leaf over cotton muslin, quilting, and piping.

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Stephanie Carlo

Fashion Designer, Illustrator, and Educator.

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Relation with Cristiano:

I met Cristiano a few years ago through a mutual friend (Nasheli). They were both working in tv commercials production and they were filming in Bayamón. I remember this day because I was asked to buy some clothes for the actress doing the commercial and when I came back I locked myself out of my car. Cristiano drove me to my house and I had to go back the next day to get my car back. I think that was the first time we met? A few years later I was about to graduate from the MFA program at SCAD and while waiting for jobs in the US I decided to move back home. At that time he was the design program director at SUAGM and they needed someone to teach fashion history. One class became 3 classes and a part-time became my full-time job. He gave me my first opportunity teaching college level and it has been my main career ever since.

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