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D'LaIsla by Carlos Ruiz Vázquez / CarlosJavian

This piece is inspired by the Spanish colonial furniture, then locally produced in Puerto Rico crafted by our artisan carpinters. This piece was based on the “ojo de perdiz / estrillado” technique that I was using in my latest fashion collection “D'LaIsla”, Spring-Summer 2023: in this collection I’ve been searching for the fusion between some nostalgic elements of the Puerto Rico from the sugar cane and coffee era, and the current urban environment that characterizes Puerto Rico as the birthplace of the urban musical movement.

Materials: Cotton, polyester and threshing.

Technique: "Ojo de perdiz" weaving (estrillado)

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Carlos Ruiz Vázquez / CarlosJavián

Fashion Designer, Professor


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Relation with Cristiano:

Cristiano was my teacher and mentor, while he was Dean of the fashion department of the International School of Design and Architecture of the University of Turabo in Puerto Rico. I also had the opportunity to work with him creating sets for commercials and TV shows. And all the inventions he could think of.

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