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No name

No name by Tashia González

My inspiration was based on the knowledge I was obtaining with Cristiano as my professor. In class each project was a new challenge for me to expand my creativity using unusual materials to create unique and beautiful designs. This piece was created with each of the materials that were used in the different designs that I created. In conclusion, this piece symbolizes my growth as a fashion designer under the wings of a great "Magister".

Materials: The materials used for this project were the following: x-ray plates, wood, metal mesh, canvas fabric and medical bandages. The x-ray plates were cut out, using the fire torch gun to burn the edges and creating the illusion of petals. This technique caused the x-ray plates to crystallize. The wood and the medical bandages were used to create the illusion of the sunflower. The canvas fabric and metal mesh were used as a base to keep the work firm.

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Tashia González


Relation with Cristiano:

In 2011 I decided to enroll in El Turabo University to study Fashion Design. At that time my knowledge of fashion was only what I saw on TV. I had no idea what fashion encompassed. When I started the semester with Cristiano, he taught me to see the world of fashion through a different perspective. I believed that a design was based on a pattern, scissors and fabric but the reality was that by joining pieces of unusual materials you can create something innovative. So much so that personally I felt more outstanding every day. I remember that on one occasion Cristiano was presented with a project called "Fashion Art Puerto Rico" that was going to be presented at the Museum de las Americas in Puerto Rico. Cristiano offered me the opportunity to participate in the Event and it was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. It's been 10 years and his impact on my creativity world still influences me. Now I have the honor of being part of an even more special project and through my new art piece I represent all my love and gratitude that I have for my favorite teacher and mentor.

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