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Foundation by Norián M. Ortiz Echevarría

Fashion designers have the ability of transforming abstract concepts into 3D pieces of clothing. Professor Cristiano Carciani was key for the development of this and other skills in our formative years at university. His teachings have served as a ‘foundation’ for his students to achieve their maximum potential. This is why this piece, even when it has the potential to turn into a miniature blazer, it will be exhibited as its ‘foundation’. Alluding to a pattern marker, the piece has the patterns of a blazer weaved in a plain weave with canvas and tulle, in honor of some of Cristiano’s past work (weaving and tailoring). This pattern pieces are superimposed in a faux lace made with overlock stitches.

Materials: canvas fabric, tulle fabric and thread.
Techniques: Weaving (canvas and tulle plain weave) and faux lace with overlock stitches.

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Norián M. Ortiz Echevarría

Coordinator of design and production at a Puertorrican shoe brand

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Relation with Cristiano:

I was Cristiano's student from 2014 through 2017

at the formerly known Universidad del Turabo in Puerto Rico

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