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Pallets by Idalia Santiago "Taller Reinita"

This piece is a pattern that alludes to the versatile palettes that Cristiano used as raw material to develop restaurant interiors, lamps, platforms, walkways and even the furniture in his house in Ocean Park. In that warm space decorated by himself, he welcomed us with love, pizza and beer.

Materials: laser cut polyester

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Idalia 2.jpg
IMG_0598 - Idalia Santiago.heic

Idalia Santiano - "Taller Reinita"


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Relation with Cristiano:

I met Cristiano at the International School of Design, Puerto Rico around 2011 as a professor and coworker. Later as a great friend. I love his energy and creativity. He has the virtue to transform an ordinary material into a piece of art and design, just as an ordinary moment with him can become a memorable event.

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