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Sanctuary in Pleats: A Tapestry of Resilience
by Zara Kanaan

This piece delves into the theme of finding resilience amid life's ups and downs by focusing on the comforting sanctuary of our bed. In the ebb and flow of existence, our solace is invariably sought within the metaphorical bastion of our bed—a place of comfort, constancy, and warmth. It symbolizes the myriad nights folded into the tapestry of our lives. Whether in adversity or fond remembrances, our pilgrimage leads us back to the sacred space of our bed. While not always bearing our name, it aspires to be a perpetual haven for repose. Consider the rich narratives woven into our bedsheets—holding remnants of tears, echoes of love, and the trust shared within its cocoon-like embrace. The bed, a silent witness to our lives, stands as a rare constant in our tumultuous journey—a sanctuary we unfailingly return to. As we lay our heads to rest each night, bidding adieu to daily battles, our nights unfold like an intricately pleated tapestry. The bed transforms into a vessel carrying the weight of our experiences, cradling us and guiding us into the sanctuary of dreams.

Materials: Bedsheets

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Nelda Santa Escudero

Fashion Designer,

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Relation with Cristiano:

During my time at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy from 2017 to 2019, he was my professor. Our shared moments were filled with enormous laughter, creating a bond that feels like a comforting embrace. He embodies a beacon of strength, resilience, and passion, qualities that are both rare and undeniably profound. His presence brought warmth to our shared experiences, making those years a truly special and comforting chapter in my academic journey.

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