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Movimiento by Rebecca van Caem "Studio Bex"

Rooted in my Spanish coastal upbringing, "Movimiento" mirrors the rhythmic dance of waves, symbolizing both my roots and a commitment to sustainable fashion. Inspired by the undulating waves of my youth, the piece captures the energy of nature, merging it with a dedication to sustainable design. Guided by a fascination for bio design and the soothing palette of Avocado Dye, the piece seamlessly blends biology with meticulous craftsmanship. The result is a harmony between eco-conscious choices and technical finesse. In "Movimiento," precision smocking converges with the fluidity of bio dyed silk, mirroring the creative synergy between Cristiano and me – a harmonious blend of technical strength and artistic flow. "Movimiento" goes beyond being a fashion statement; it's a narrative woven with threads of nature, craftsmanship, and sustainable intent, echoing the creative dance between the waves and the designer's hands.

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Rebecca van Caem

Fashion Designer & Visual Artist

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Materials: Avocado dyed silk in combination with wave smocking craft

Relation with Cristiano:

The "Movimiento" panel, a part of my magister project, serves as a tribute to Cristiano Carcianis' life and era as an influential mentor and my continuous path as a designer. This project merges mentorship, artistic expression, sustainability, and evolving style. Embarking on innovative design with my previous crafts and pattern teacher, Cristiano, our shared passion for fabric manipulation and nature's solutions to fashion challenges shaped the essence of "Movimiento." Cristiano's dedication to environmental consciousness mirrors my own.

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