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Two worlds

Two worlds collide by Adele Parker

I come from the world of knitwear; I studied the discipline at University and practiced it in the fashion industry as a knitwear designer. I have always been fascinated with it's perception and the technical aspect of knitting to create interesting textures. Cristiano's world is weaving; I was inspired in the kick-off of this project to work on the 2 main disciplines of creating textiles and bring them together somehow. It symbolises how we work together at the Academy, in ways that I think complement each other very well. In the piece you can see knitting and weaving together, I even replicate the warp threads of a weaving loom in a fully knitted swatch using a drop stitch, and weaving the wool roving through the yarns.

Materials: wool, merino wool, wool roving, brushed fleece, milk fibre yarn

Technique: knitting and weaving

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Adele Parker

Programme Leader

at Amsterdam Fashion Academy

Relation with Cristiano:

We have worked together at The Amsterdam Fashion Academy for around 5 years, we have worked very hard to build the Academy to what it is today, and I couldn't be more proud. Cristiano is a free spirit who leads with his heart and this piece shows that. It's a wonderful celebration of his creativity throughout his life and the people he has inspired.

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