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Ecos by Atelier Bea Rodríguez

This humble piece of handmade art combines the beauty and elegance of the horsehair crinoline with an evocative and captivating artistic expression in honor of my great friend and admired master, Cristiano Carciani. This unique creation represents the fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, achieving a perfect balance between the classic and the avant-garde. Horsehair crinoline, known for its subtlety and delicacy, is meticulously woven into ethereal and organic shapes, creating a sense of movement and fluidity. Each strand of crinoline is treated as a conductor of emotions and thoughts, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world full of meaning and reflection. The piece is a tribute to the constant search for beauty in imperfection. Its transparency allows the light within to reach the viewer, much like Carciani radiates infectious energy to those who've had the privilege to work with him. This evocative work of art is intrinsically linked to the inspiration received from Carciani, a renowned teacher and artist, who gave me a tremendous opportunity to get to know him and work together during the San Juan Fashion Week in Puerto Rico, over 20 years ago. Our paths have crossed multiple times, just like the crinoline in this piece. Carciani, with his deep knowledge and passion for fashion, left an indelible mark on the creative process of this piece through my hands. "Ecos" is a tiny part of the masterpiece MAGISTER, serving as a testament to the collaboration and artistic growth that arises when talent and inspiration come together.

Materials: Manipulated horsehair crinoline with cotton thread in straight-stitch.

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Atelier Bea Rodríguez

Owner / Professional Fashion Designer

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Relation with Cristiano:

Carciani, a renowned teacher and artist, gave me a tremendous opportunity to get to know him while we worked together a collection for Designers Mirtha Rubio and Nono Maldonado for the San Juan Fashion Week in Puerto Rico over 20 years ago. I recognize and admire Carciani's career, he is a unique and special individual with a strong knowledge base who's certainly empowered to conquer the World.

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