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There's already a complete list of perspective participants to the collaborative project MAGISTER:

  • Open di Excel file below and search for your name.

  • Check (and update if needed) your data; participants are in alphabetical order by name:

    • name and surname

    • phone number (with country and area codes - without spaces nor hyphens, please)

    • choose from the drop-dow menu which panel you would like to create (click here to know more about the panels and the patterns)

    • add your email address

    • add your website and social media profiles, if relevant to this project (professional and/or artistic links)

    • be aware that your personal data will be used in the public final catalogue (with the exception of the phone number)

  • If you are not in the list, feel free to add your data at the bottom of the file... and, Welcome to MAGISTER!​

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