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MAGISTER is composed by a total of 60 faces, but only 52 of them will be completed at this stage.

The 60 faces are divided into 10 different shapes, identified from A to L.. Each shape has its own specific dimentions.

You can choose any of the 10 different shapes; but remember to take note of the shape you choose in the Excel file with the details of all the participants.

The pictures in colours show the total size of each shape, just to have a general idea, both in inches and cm.

How to get the pattern

In San Juan, Puerto Rico
Aurorisa tiene una plantilla de todos los patrones.
Puedes contactar Aurorisa llamándola al +1-787-530-8269
o escribiéndole a
Puedes acordar con ella para que pases por su oficina
en la Universidad del Sagrado Corazón,
para trazar tu patrón específico en una hoja de papel.

Es muy importante marcar "face up"
en la cara de arriba del patron, después de haberlo trazado.

In Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cristiano has a physical copy of all patterns.
You can contact Cristiano at +31-6-15670706 or
You can agree with mim to pass by his office
at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy
to trace your specific pattern on a paper.

It's important to mark the "face up" side, after tracing your copy.

Digital patterns are available in PDF to download and print in tiled version (for regular small printer - Letter and A4), both in inches and cm.
All full patterns are also available in the original SiketchUp file.

when printing from PDF, be sure
the "Actual Size" option is checked in the Printing window.
Otherwise, the size of the pattern will not  be precise! Always check the total measurements of the final assembled pattern!


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