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MAGISTER is a collaborative art project, a sculptural non-wearable dress that represents the story of my life as a teacher, as a magister (in latin).

MAGISTER is based on the concept of Evocatory Art, created by mentor, friend and fiber artist Lydia Predominato (see images, in Italian, English and Spanish).

MAGISTER evokes and recollects all the contributions I received from my mentors, students, colleagues and friends during my life: these contributions made of myself the magister I am today.

MAGISTER is in the shape of an irregular accordion that creates a 6-point star:

  • 6 points as the 6 decades of my life (I'm now 52).

  • a total of 60 faces, as the 60 years of my life at the end of the 6th decade. Only 52 faces will be completed at this stage.

  • each fold, each step, each empty space in the accordion represents a moment, a phase, an event in my life as a teacher.

I invite each of the participants to be in charge of one of the 52 faces of MAGISTER, evoking from their past, from their culture, from they skills, from their dreams, from our memories together.

Each participant can choose one of the faces (see Patterns page) and any technique they prefer:

  • colour palette is strictly neutral: while, beige, light gray. But, accent colours can be used freely.

  • you don't need to focus on a textile technique: any technique is allowed, the dress itself is already considered as an expression of Fiber/Textile Art.

  • regardless of the technique you will you, keep the shape and size of the panel you chose: precision in measurements is the only key to match all the panels in a 52-piece international puzzle!

  • you can choose to work your panel as a soft or hard/rigid piece, as you prefer. If you choose for a soft piece, keep in mind that it will be mounted on a hard surface or frame later. Think about additional edges (seam allowances) if they are needed to tense, stretch, saw your piece to a frace or a rigid surface.

  • Be aware of the Timeline & Logistic

Usefull Files

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00:00 - Intro: Cristiano's textile career

09:25 - Biennale di Fiber Art, Spoleto

 14:30 - MAGISTER, collaborative art project

23:05 - Q&A

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00:00 - Intro: Cristiano's textile career

09:50 - MAGISTER, collaborative art project

23:00 - Q&A

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